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A) Can I Hire a Mascot even if it’s a small family gathering?

Yes, you can! The Mascots Innova targets small gathering to big scale events. No event is too small for us. The importance is to keep everybody entertained.


B) Do I need to apply any license for hiring a Mascot?

Generally, you do not need a license if you are holding a private party. However, if your event is meant for the public, you will need to apply for a PEL (Public Entertainment License) which we will be most willing to help you with the application.


C) How can a mascot improve my business?

Here are a number of ways that a character costume can benefit your business:

  1. Increased exposure of company
    • Highly effective in creating awareness, building loyalty and importantly, selling the product
    • Mascots create media exposure and excitement. At community events, the mascot is often photographed for print media or filmed for TV news
  2. Appeal to the human psyche
    • A mascot’s personality can distinguish a brand.
  3. Build brand recognition of a product
    • Generate goodwill for the brand
    • Act as an ambassador for the brand by providing a voice for the company’s social conscience
    • Can act as a rallying icon for community identification
    • Create a more memorable marketing hook for promotional campaigns
  4. Serve as the vehicle to quickly remind customers who you are and what you stand for
    • They create the necessary positive image need for a message campaign to be a success
  5. Attract new potential customers to learn more about your company
  6. Incentive to get families to visit
  7. Used as an educational tool and conveys a message
  8. Create enthusiasm for any sporting event, fundraising event and participation in a program


D) I would like to customize a Mascot but I do not have space for storage?

As long as your mascot is manufactured by us, we can offer you storage space. A typical mascot when folded is sized only at 50 x 60 x 70 cm


E) Apart from general mingling with the crowd, what else can a Mascot do?

Our mascot can help you with giving out of pamphlets, gifts as part of your marketing campaign. For family events, our lovely mascot can give out balloons, sweets, party favors to the guests. We can also arrange for customized event where the Mascot can do special feats such as Balloon Sculpturing, Magic Tricks, Dance segment etc.


F) How do I go about hiring a Mascot?

Simply fill up the online enquiry form, send us an email enquiry or call our office. Our friendly staff will be glad to attend to you.